DiscGolfMetrix user guide

Once you click on an event’s registration link, you will see either one of the following screens on your device.

Not logged in to Discgolfmetrix / No Discgolfmetrix account

If you see any of these two screens, that means you either do not have a Skoorin user account yet, or you did not log in to your Discgolfmetrix user account.
On a desktop or laptop, you will see “Login to Discgolfmetrix” and “Create Discgolfmetrix account” next to each other, on a phone or tablet you will most likely see them below each other.

Please be aware, that using the Discgolfmetrix engine for the EuroProtour and EuroTour is new (except for the Estonian Open), more and more European events use the Discgolfmetrix engine, so you may have used it in the past without remembering you already have a Discgolfmetrix user account.

If you know you already have a Discgolfmetrix user account, all you need to do, is to log in to your Discgolfmetrix account using any of three options (connect via Facebook, Google, or use your username/password combination). If you have forgotten your password, you should press “Forgot password?” and follow the instructions.

If you think or know you have no Discgolfmetrix user account yet, you can set up an account, or log in using your Facebook, or Google account.
To create your Discgolfmetrix account by using a username/password combination, set your username, and other requested details and press “Create account”.
At that point your Skoorin user account will be set up, and you will be logged in, and taken to the actual event registration page.

Please note: If you get a “user already exists” error when trying to set up a Discgolfmetrix user account, then you already have set up a Discgolfmetrix user account in the past. In that case, please use the “Login to Skoorin” option or “Forgot password?” (see above).

Already logged in to Discgolfmetrix

If you see any of these two screens, you are already logged in to your Discgolfmetrix user account, and literally all you need to do is make sure your details are correct, select the correct class (which denotes PDGA division) you want to sign up for, and pressing the “register” button.

If there are no divisions available in the pull down menu for class for you to select, and instead, the text: “No classes available. Please wait for the next registration stage.” is displayed, you can not press the “register” button.
This will be because of your PDGA member profile not meeting the current stage’s requirements for the divisions you would normally be eligible for.

Please wait for the next stage to open, and try again.

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