EuroProTour Event Standards

  A Tier
Event bid submission deadline September 30th 2016
Sanctioning fee €100,- due by March 31st 2017
Players fees €5,- per player, due 30 days following event
Fees payable to PDGA Europe
TD requirements TD and any listed Assistant TDs must be current PDGA member and current certified PDGA Official
Certified Official requirements Minimum one non-playing official per course. TD must be non-playing. Preferably, Assistant TD would also be non-playing.
Player requirements Current (upon registration, through to start of event) PDGA Membership required
Length of event 2 to 4 days
Minimum number of holes played 54 for all players. At event’s discretion, an additional final may be played (minimum 9 holes).
Divisions MPO and FPO only.
Player grouping Players must be grouped by division throughout the event, in foursomes.
Minimum Pro Purse €5,000,-
Minimum sponsor cash added €1,000,-
Minimum trophies awarded MPO & FPO top 3
% Players paid out > 33%
Pro payout % of net entry fees > 80%
Estimated Pro attendance > 72
Video coverage Live or post-produced video coverage of the event is recommended.
Live scoring Live scoring for each round of the event is required.
Upload Scores to via Tournament Manager Before end of each competition day
Submit completed TD Report to PDGA Office in Europe Email to EuroTour Manager within 48 hours of event completion.



Finals & Prize ceremony

  • For events with finals, the TD will determine prior to their event, and announce at the player meeting, which of the following formats will be used in the final round following regulation play:
    • 9 holes, shotgun start = 36 players in foursomes
    • 9 holes, staggered start = 36 players in foursomes
    • 18 holes, shotgun start = 72 players in foursomes
  • Each final group should consist of 4 players. Each division with 3 or more players should have at least 2 players advance to the finals. If necessary, the smallest divisions can be combined in one group.
  • For the larger divisions at least 25% of the total number of players in each division should participate in the final, rounded up to make foursomes. Examples: a 25 player division would qualify at least 8 players (2 foursomes) for finals; an 87 player division would qualify at least 24 players (6 foursomes).
  • It is the TD’s choice whether or not to let tied players play the final or if the players should be separated by tie-breakers.
  • Awards will be organized in advance, and must start within 15 minutes of the completion of play, and will last no longer than 15-20 minutes. Only the trophy winners should be announced, with a separate table set up for players to collect their envelopes and prizes. While the pro payout and amateur prizes should be distributed as much as possible at the event it is up to each TD to determine how they will handle the payout, including the use of post event payment systems such as wire transfer and PayPal.

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