EuroTour and EuroProTour 2018

In 2017 the EuroTour transformed dramatically. The first year of the new structure with two independent series EuroProTour and EuroTour brought more competition on the European disc golf courses. PDGA Europe analysed the data from 2017 and decided to make some adjustments to make season 2018 even better. What are the news?


EuroProTour (EPT)

The first season of EPT was quite successful and it filled the vision of a competition platform for the best European players in MPO and FPO divisions. Four out of six EPT tournaments brought a very fierce competition of the best European players in both MPO and FPO. Also, the player field was quite deep despite the large player capacity of the events. Two other events were not attended that well but also featured the highest level of organizational standards in European disc golf.



The goal for 2018 is to make EPT even more competitive. On the other hand, it is well known that the best European players have extremely busy schedule that will in 2018 include both European PDGA major (Konopiste Open, Czech Republic, Jul 12-15) and EDGC (Sv. Martin, Croatia, Aug 15-19). Top players also showed in 2017 that they are willing to compete more often on other continents, and they also need to play from time to time the most important national events. Therefore, to keep their season manageable,

in 2018 there will only be 4 EPT events:

  • April 20-22, RE/MAX Open (PDGA A-tier), Vierumäki Finland
  • Jun 22-24, Sula Open (PDGA A-tier), Langevåg, Norway
  • Jul 6-8, Skellefteå Open (PDGA A-tier), Skellefteå, Sweden
  • Jul 20-22, The Open (PDGA A-tier), Ale, Sweden


For all the competitors three best results out of these 4 tournaments will count towards the EPT final ranking. We hope that each EPT tournament will display the best in competitive European disc golf.  



Note, that all 4 EPT events are located in the north. That is by no means an intention, however, PDGA Europe have only received bids from this region. We hope that in the near future organizers from other countries will also become interested in hosting EPT events as the goal is to host at least one EPT event a year outside of the north region. If you are considering to host EPT in the future, please, feel free to consult with PDGA Europe to obtain assistance.



Also, since the importance of the EPT events often brings travelling players to the course sooner than before, in 2018 there will be new requirements that will ensure availability of the course for the tournament players for the practice before the tournament. Therefore, at each EPT event there will be a requirement that the course must be available only for practice at least 36 hours (that is the minimum, recommended are at least 48 hours) before the start of the tournament with placed baskets, teepads, and signed OB areas. The only exception from the restriction to the practice may be a pre-tournament event (doubles, etc.) in which the players registered for the main event have a priority in registration and the duration of the pre-tournament event must be limited to 3.5 hours.


Other minor changes

  • Assistant TDs do not need to be appointed but if appointed they should be non-playing.
  • Registration will take place in 4 stages (instead of 7) via DiscGolfMetrix ( Stage 4 is used to assign wildcards (max 17% of players field size, with absolute maximum at 25). The minimal PDGA rating levels during the registration Phases remain the same as in 2017.
  • Until Stage 4, ten (10) guaranteed spots for women are reserved. Any non-filled spots are being filled with players from the waiting list.
  • Live-scoring is required. It is recommended to use DiscGolfMetrix, which is the system used for the 2017 season, however, the TD may decide to use an alternative provider.

EuroTour (ET)

In 2017 ET featured 10 events, many of which were quite poorly attended in the MPO and FPO divisions. However, ET provided a great platform for international competition in age-based divisions and amateur divisions, i.e. in divisions in which pool of players may be too low within individual countries, and also in divisions where there is no other competitive platform in Europe. Furthermore, the ET provided a series of events with high level of tournament standard offering travelling players a list of events worth to attend. Based on the 2017 season data, PDGA Europe decided that ET will focus on its successful aspects.



There are 7 events in 2018 ET, the best 4 results are counted for each player in the ET divisions towards the final ET ranking.

  • Mar 31-Apr 1, Dutch Discgolf Championships (B), Rijswijk, Netherlands
  • Apr 14-15, Bluebell Woods Open (B), Dunbar, Great Britain
  • May 19-20, Kokkedal Open (B), Kokkedal & Hillerød, Denmark
  • Jun 9-10, Creeksea Open (B), Burnham on Crouch, Great Britain
  • Jun 15-17, Alutaguse Open (A), Alutaguse Vald, Estonia
  • Aug 11-12, Sibbe Open (B), Sibbe, Finland
  • Date TBC, Nokia Open (A), Nokia, Finland

ET Divisions

In  2018 ET will provide a year long competition in the following divisions:

  • MP40, FP40, MP50, MP60, MJ18, FJ18, MA1, FA1.


We hope that it will attract best players from the local region and also travelling players in these divisions supplementing the lack of overall competition in these divisions. Furthermore, it may help some divisions that are typically sparsely attended (e.g., FJ18, FP40, MP60) to develop and attract more competitive players. Finally, the new series will put more highlights on the upcoming junior and amateur players that may become the future stars of European disc golf.

All these divisions will be open at each ET event, so you can start to plan your calendar right away to compare your skills and luck with your peers.


MPO and FPO divisions will also be featured at ET events, however, only as individual tournaments, no ET points will be awarded in these divisions, neither the final season ranking of ET will be published in MPO and FPO. Given the busy schedule of the top European players the truth is that ET cannot provide a reasonable competition in these divisions. Competitive MPO and FPO players already have EPT that is solely dedicated to them and the role of ET is to support competitive development of other divisions.


Tournament directors of ET events can add any other division of the choice to their individual tournament, however, the registration for these divisions will only begin in Stage 3 of the registration.


Registration will take place in 4 stages (instead of 7) via DiscGolfMetrix. Stage 4 is used to assign wildcards (max 17% of players field size, with absolute maximum at 25).


The minimal player PDGA ratings of the players registering to ET events is set to:

  • Stage 1: MPO 975+, FPO 875+, MP40 950+, FP40 850+, MP50 925+, MP60 875+, MJ18 900+, FJ18 800+, MA1 925+, FA1 825+, other divisions – reg. closed
  • Stage 2: MPO 940+, FPO 825+, MP40 900+, FP40 800+, MP50 875+, MP60 825+, MJ18 850+, FJ18 750+, MA1 900+, FA1 800+, other divisions – reg. Closed
  • Stage 3: all divisions – no limit
  • Stage 4: wild cards are distributed and any unpaid reserved spots within the given time period are removed and substituted by the next players from the waiting list


Until Stage 4, 10 guaranteed spots for women are reserved. Any non-filled spots are being filled with players from the waiting list.


Other minor changes:

  • Assistant TDs do not need to be appointed but if appointed they should be non-playing.
  • Live-scoring is strongly recommended in all divisions.