EuroProTour season about to start

On February 1st, when Keisari Tali Open and Sula Open will start its registration procedure, the EuroProTour will officially start its season.
Please be aware that if you plan to play any of the EuroProTour events, you need to be a current PDGA member at the moment of registration (For the EuroTour this was, and still is, “at the moment of event start”). Check the PDGA Europe players list whether or not you are a current PDGA member.

Please check with your PDGA Country Coordinator or your National Association when they handle PDGA membership renewals on your behalf, to have them handle your renewal.

In case you handle your own PDGA membership renewal you can renew here. Renewal is instant upon completion of your order, and should take only 1 to 5 minutes of your time.