Prodiscus Estonian Open

Prodiscus Estonian Open
Event dates: 14 – 16 July 2017
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Event website:
Event email: rasmussepp *at*
Event phone: +372 5170773
Tournament Director: Rasmus Sepp
Assistant TD: n/a
Players field: max 152, tee times (25 wildcards)
PDGA event page:
Registration start date: 10 April, 12:00 GMT+2
Registration link: /prodiscus-estonian-open-registration
Players fees: MPO/FPO: €125,- *
* = +€5,- PayPal fees when paying via PayPal
Bank details: IBAN: EE12 2200 2210 6476 4019
Message: EO2017, Name, PDGA number, Division
Bank: Swedbank AS
Recipient: MTÜ Discgolf GO
PayPal details: payment *at*
Be sure to add PayPal fees (see above) to amount.
Registered players: /prodiscus-estonian-open-registered-players

By registering for a EuroProTour event, you agree to the event’s conditions, tier standards and registration procedure.

Please be aware that to register for a EuroProTour event, you will need a Skoorin account.
If you do not know how to proceed, register for Skoorin, or have trouble registering, please check this help guide.

Preferred method of payment is via PayPal, once you are registered for the event, you can continue straight to payment via PayPal.

While signing up for a PayPal account is recommended, it is not mandatory; you are free to use Paypal as a guest instead.

Please be aware that your payment needs to be made before the end of the stage you registered in.
Whenever you have the option to use PayPal of IBAN, please choose PayPal, as it allows for instant payment confirmation. This will provide both you and us with better and quicker updates on your registration.

Should you choose to pay via IBAN, please be aware of the fact that if your payment has not cleared (allow for a maximum of 2 working days for payment to clear, depending on country you send payment from) before the end of the stage, your registration will be removed from “registered players” to the “waiting list”, and that would mean you are placed *below* “registered” players for the next stage.

NOTE: If you want to collect payments from several players and pay those with one PayPal payment or IBAN transfer, please contact the administrator for further information.

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